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Fast pace of news medias and social medias

Technology news is moving more and more from physical gadgets to social media application features.

One of the biggest digital trends to sweep the internet are the randomized AR filters. One of the most popular ones is the ‘Quiz Me’ filter.

If Instagram is your preferred social media app this is one of the best, most engaging ways to get your followers to tune in to your stories.

It removes the need for external input and just provides you with a cornucopia of topics and jumping-off-points to elaborate about yourself without seeming completely self-indulgent.

As is the norm with all AR Story filters, the “Quiz Me” filter starts off by displaying a video of yourself with a virtual sign superimposed onto your head.

As you tap the record button, you’ll see a range suggestions flicker before it lands on a final one & you get to record your reaction in real time.

If satisfied with the video you just shot you can then upload it to your stories with the share button. Rinse and repeat or close out the app. AR Filters on Instagram are the latest tech that lifestyle influencers are using to deepen their connection with their followers.
This digital trend has been around for a couple of weeks but is reaching critical mass as we speak.

Meme pages, instagram models, social justice influencers are all using this effectively to present themselves as their most authentic selves on their own terms rather than having their lives being pried into by complete strangers.

Given the nature of the internet, how our generation communicates and forms new relationships, the AR filters of Instagram provide the best way to espouse about the things that really matter to you.

Like your outlook on relationships or your ambitions and your fears. Barring the fact that not everyone reading this is trying to win a the social media game.

The hectic schedules of growing up and self-actualization leave very little time for the conversations we had as kids about the things that matter to us most and these filters are a very innocuous way to start of a deep conversation in your inbox with people who matter to you the most.

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