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Today we are going to talk everything about tech news. Basically, anything you can think of with the term “tech news”

In the latest trending tech news a UK government report suggests a significant rise in global investment into emerging technologies particularly artificial intelligence and robotics.  Given the impact upon day to day living in the light of the latest viral epidemic to sweep the globe, then the need for new technologies in all areas of life is ever more apparent.

For anyone who may be wondering what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, according to computer science experts at Carnegie Mellon University, AI is defined as “the science and engineering of making computers behave in ways that until recently required human intelligence.” One form of AI, is known as Machine Learning (ML).  This is the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programmers to automatically improve through experience. Many day to day products such as Netflix, Spotify already use this form of artificial Intelligence to predict what films and songs you may like according to your previous downloads.

How popular is ‘tech news’ term in google search engine?

Moreover, the tech news industry has grown bigger if you notice this graph below you can see that a lot has been happening with companies like cnet.com and theverge.com. The search term “tech news” has too many big names fighting for it which is for tekno news team is not a good news. When we notice such fight in the ranking we assume that these big names can do anything to stay in that ranking and leaves out the small and dedicated publishers.

growth of tech news industry
Growth of tech news industry on the internet, Source: wordtracker.com

But still with so much happening small publishers are coming out. The tech news industry is going wild. Since on this topic we had to cover everything about tech news we also had to show this graph below to make people understand how many people are searching for “tech news” and that is the reason companies fight for ranking.

People searching tech news on google
People searching “tech news” on google

So as you can see on average more than 60000-80000 people searches for the word “tech news” this is what actually makes the companies go nuts. So anyways lets cover rest of the topics to understand more about tech news.

What’s new at CES 2020?

For trending tech news in the USA, we need to take a look at the consumer electronics show, CES. Taking place each year In Las Vegas, this is the place to be to see the latest revelations from the technology giants. In January 2020, some of the biggest surprises in technological innovation were as follows:

  • An electric car dubbed the vision S by Sony

Considered a surprise to many, Sony already manufacture several car components. The Vision S is designed to show off its sensors and in car entertainment technologies. Complete with panoramic dashboard screen for driving information and entertainment, the vehicle is still in its prototype stage. It has 33 sensors, which can detect the vehicle’s occupants and recognize them allowing gesture control of the entertainment system. Other image sensors analyze the road in front of the car, with the hope that this may aid assisted driving systems in the future.

  • Samsung Ballie

A handy gadget which rolls around the home keeping an eye on things for you- even telling the robot cleaner when to clean up after dog mess!

  • A light-up fridge

A fridge by LG that has a light that comes on when you tap on it to show you what’s inside without needing to open the door and the freezer makes ice balls rather than cubes.

Technology education: the P-tech route to a STEM career at IBM

With all this rapid evolution of science and technology, it is good to know that companies are responding to the need for good training and education in these subject areas.

At IBM, a new P-tech partnership between schools and industry aims to do just that. By combining all the best elements of high school, college and career, students are able to receive all the training and education they need to prepare them a career at the cutting edge of technology. What’s more, they can graduate without the costs associated with a traditional degree and step in to roles at IBM workplaces across the United States.

Using AI to find a cure for genetic illnesses

In other trending tech news today, it’s good to know that scientists are relentlessly on the march to finding new ways to treat disease. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, patterns in genes that code for certain illnesses have been found by a team of researchers at a Swedish university using an artificial neural network. This pioneering research into using machine learning in biological systems, involves training the artificial networks to find patterns in enormous amounts of complex data. it is hoped that these may be used to develop precision medicine and tailor- made treatments for individuals, thus potentially increasing their effectiveness and minimising side effects.

Top trending tech news: Is your Windows 10 letting you down?

Rather concerningly for many people, the latest Windows 10 update has been beset with performance slowdowns, installation problems and boot failures amongst other issues. This latest culprit, the KB 4524244 security patch has also caused some users to lose files causing massive problems for the Microsoft giant.

To add to their woes, days after being forced to pull the update, a new glitch has surfaced which stops users from shutting down their PC without logging out beforehand. This is proving problematic for users who may wish to just apply the shutdown button at the end of the day and leave the computer take of the rest. Some users have discovered a link to Adobe. A solution has been found by switching off adobe services which appears to disable the bug.

Google trending tech news: Is your broad band buckling under the strain?

It would be impossible to talk about technology without mentioning the recent viral epidemic. As we go through these unprecedented times, along with all other aspects of life, our technological capabilities are being tested to the max and have never been more vital. From home working and schooling to keeping in contact with the rest of the world, our broad band is an essential life line for day to day functioning and maintaining some sort of sense of normality.

To that end, the European Union has asked streaming services such as Netflix and You Tube to reduce streaming quality. This will reduce the demand on broadband services whilst most people work from home during the Coronavirus lockdown. The European Commissioner in charge of digital policy, Thierry Breton has called on telecoms companies and streaming services to take joint responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of the internet during this crucial period. Netflix have responded by reassuring customers that it already provides ISPs with tools to store its library closer to customers. This reduces the strain on the Internet. Additionally, their adaptive streaming technology also adjusts video resolution to the available bandwidth.

However, the huge increase in demand for bandwidth by homeworkers and students for videoconferencing as well as gaming and taking lessons online are already causing problems in some countries. Consumers are being encouraged to use landlines for phone calls and ration their internet usage by streaming and downloading more during off peak hours.

PS5: Is it going to be all that it was promised?

In other top trending tech news, the latest product from the Sony stable already has some fans concerned that the PS5 is not going to be all that it was promised. Mark Cerney, the lead system architect has announced that not all previous titles may be compatible with the new product as was originally promised. However, they have conceded that this is very much still in the testing stage and some title may not run properly given the increase in power of the new model compared to the PS 4. According to the Playstation blog, the company will continue testing and expand backwards compatibility over time. Some fans have called for the computer giant to clarify its position on this in order to avoid a PR disaster.

Meet the Samsung Galaxy M21

The latest mobile from one of the pioneers in the mobile phone industry appeared on the market this week earning its position as some of the most trending tech news. The Galaxy M21, comes with a 6.40 inch touchscreen display and has a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. With a powerful primary camera and front shooter, it promises to be their best yet. Operating on Android 10, it comes with features such as dual SIM and multiple connectivity options (WI-FI, GPS, Bluetooth, USB Type-C, 3G and 4G.). Phone sensors include face unlock, fingerprint sensor, compass magnetometer, proximity sensor, accelerometer and an ambient light sensor. 

Trending tech news 2019

Some of you may remember LGs prototype of the world’s first 65-inch roll-up 4K TV appearing in 2019? For anyone who doesn’t want to look at their TV, this roll up version which drops into its base in a matter of seconds is perfect. The finished product, the Signature OLED TV R is now available at a premium price complete with refined base station and a 100 Watt Dolby atmos speaker for powerful built in audio. These clever stylish sound bars deliver unbeatable audio whilst avoiding the need for bulky speakers- helping you save on space and create the perfect ambiance for your night in.

Samsung have responded to the demand for aesthetically pleasing TVs with The Frame which resembles a piece of art when not in use and the Serif which looks like a piece of furniture.

Finally, if we have to be home bound and socially isolated, at least we can make sure that our entertainment is fully connected and gadgets help us live as comfortably as possible.

The new LGTV’s state of the art smart TVs help us do just that by removing all those glitchy communication problems between Google, Apple and Amazon. Using the latest AI engineering, they are designed to make sure that our lives are actually made simpler by all this technology and not more complicated. Examples include the LG AI Thin Q which has a built in Google Assistant meaning you can control it and other devices through the power of your own voice. This allows you to switch on the TV, organise your diary and order the weekly food shop online.

Never has technology been more useful!

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