Ridiculously awesome Samsung Galaxy buds review

  • Samsung Galaxy Earbuds Review
samsung galaxy buds review
Samsung galaxy buds review

On tekno news we do all sorts of reviews all the time but today we are doing a honest samsung galaxy buds review.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Samsung was one of the pioneers to introduce a true wireless earphone. However, it did not receive the fame it deserved. After AirPods by Apple became popular, Samsung altered its strategy and came with the new and improved Galaxy Buds. These were an affordable alternative to the Airpods. Sadly, they weren’t really a threat to Apple. Since the third time’s a charm, Samsung made a huge splash by getting back in the game with its newest wireless earphone – Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are even better than their predecessor. These buds have a great many features such as excellent sound quality, comfortable and lightweight design, and superb battery life that is way superior to the Apple AirPods.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + have so many features that make it one of the best wireless earphones in the world. Today we will be reviewing these buds in detail so that you have a better understanding of whether you need them in your inventory or not.

Design and Looks

The Galaxy Buds Plus seems very identical to the first-generation Galaxy Buds, which is definitely not a bad thing. Samsung’s earbuds are rounded triangular shaped and have a sleek and beautiful design. The tip is quite subtle, making sure that these buds are secure in your ear while keeping you comfortable. These buds don’t hang out like Apple’s Airpods, which will be another plus point for many users out there.

The case also looks very similar to the standard model. The only difference is that the case this time is a lot glossy and reflective, so it will be very easy to attract fingerprints. On the other hand, the previous model had a matte finish, which was fingerprint-resistant. That is why we think that this change wasn’t very necessary.

Another advantage the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus has over the AirPods in the design area is color. While Apple’s Airpod comes in standard white, these buds by Samsung are also available in cloud blue, black, and red. Also, the cloud blue color goes really well with the same colored Samsung Galaxy S20.

The Galaxy Buds Plus’ charging case can use both the USB Type-C and wireless charger for daily fuel intake. The wireless charging is a great feature that is lacking in the standard Airpods; however, if you pay an extra $200, then you will get that luxury. Apart from this, the Samsung Galaxy Buds + has used a bigger case than the AirPods case. However, you will find no difficulty in finding space in your pocket for these buds.

The outer surface of the buds is touch-sensitive. You can use this feature to control your music. You can play and pause by just touching once. However, it is very easy to accidentally touch it while setting your hair or adjusting your glasses. Thanks to Samsung’s application, you can lock the touchpad in the settings so that you don’t end up changing your favorite song by accident.

Comfort and fit

The Samsung Galaxy Buds + weighs only 0.2 ounces, making it one of the most lightweight wireless earphones available on the market. The buds are so light that you will hardly remember that you have anything in your ears. Not only that, these buds are also very comfortable so that they don’t cause any sort of irritation or discomfort during a long day of use.

Samsung also provides three tip options so that you can choose the one that best fits your ear comfortably.

Battery life

The big and certainly the best improvement to the Buds+ is its battery life. At 11 hours of playtime, these buds are one of the long-lasting wireless earphones on the market at this time. You should keep this in mind that the 11 hours mentioned is for one charge only. You can again dock the buds in its case for a quick recharge. There is no doubt that you can survive the whole day listening to music in one charge without having to pop them back into the case. When compared to Apple’s Airpods, which lasts around 5 hours of use, these buds last forever.

The only drawback is that the case only carries one extra full charge, making the total battery life to be around 22 hours. This is actually not that bad. However, you can find many other in-ear headsets that last up to 40 hours, such as Master & Dynamic’s MW07 Plus.

Charging your Buds is also super easy and convenient. You can either pop in your phone’s Type-C cable or you can also use a wireless charger to fill it up.

Gear application

One of the significant advantages of using the Galaxy Buds Plus is its Gear app that you can download from the Play Store. This app is just like a control center for your buds. It allows you to observe your bud’s battery level, and you can also adjust the sound profile according to your likings. Generally speaking, the application’s layout is quite user friendly. Changing the equalizer is super easy. So, if you like extra base then that’s no problem.

There’s an app with the name “Find My Earbuds.” This app will allow you to locate your earbuds if you end up losing them, as long as they have a little bit of charge left. When you use this app, a high-volume chirping sound will start playing; this can come handy if you’re a person who has a habit of losing stuff. 


Sound quality

The standard Galaxy Buds weren’t very well-known for their sound quality, especially when the primary reason for their launch was to compete with Airpods, they surely lacked behind in this area. In the new plus model, Samsung has introduced a better sound quality and has improved in both voice and music departments.

Bass is surely present in this model, which was not very prominent in its predecessor. Even at the normal settings, you can expect a lot of bass, without even losing any sound in the high frequencies.

The only drawback is that while the Galaxy Buds Plus offers all the bass you’ll need, it cannot control the sound very well. Turn the volume up, and you will find the sound breaking up, and the songs may lose some noticeable details. We believe that when compared to other wireless earphones on the market, the sound quality can certainly be better.

One of the biggest criticisms of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is that they do not feature active noise cancellation. This means that if you are listening to music on these buds, you will also get to hear a lot of outside world noises. Moreover, these earbuds will use their microphones to pick up the outside noises and will amplify them into your ears. This can be very useful if you are listening to music while driving on the road and wish to listen to the traffic as well. However, for those who like complete aural isolation, these buds are not for you.

Touch controls

The Samsung Galaxy Buds + have touch panels on both sides, which offers a wide range of controls to assist you. There are three tap options. If you tap once, you will be able to play and pause a soundtrack. Tap twice to skip a song, or to answer a call. You can tap three times if you wish to go back to the previous song. These controls can easily be customized according to your liking from the mobile application.

These touch pads are way too sensitive. It will get a lot frustrating sometimes when you accidentally touch them while adjusting your glasses. However, it is not a deal breaker; you can easily turn the touch pad off in the settings.

Call quality

One of the many issues that the original Galaxy Bud had was poor call quality. However, Samsung has significantly improved in that department as well by introducing three microphones. If you get a lot of calls, then the person on the other side of the phone will have no trouble hearing you. They will hear you loud and clear even when you are in a busy street or at a party.


  • Convenient wireless charging case
  • Superb battery life
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Remarkable overall sound
  • Handy mobile application


  • The case only carries one extra charge
  • Not very comfortable for a longer time
  • No active noise cancellation

Our Verdict

The new and improved Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is a solid set of wireless earphones. You will get a better sound, battery, and call quality when compared to its older version. It is also well-equipped with additional features such as easy to control mobile application, making these buds very convenient to use. The design is quite charming; with its lightweight design, you can carry them along in your ears without even remembering that they are there.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Buds + is one of the most impressive wireless in-ears money can buy. And at the end of the day, these buds prove to be a great value, and it is totally worth buying these for your inventory.

This was our detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. What do you think about the product? Share your opinion with us. Thank you for reading.

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