5 Effective Tips On How To Sell On Craigslist

Effective Hacks To Sell On Craigslist

Learn about the effective steps and how you can sell your products more faster.

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Don’t just dive into your craigslist[1] ad without preparing and researching very carefully. For best cost and write the best summary you will need to do some research. Specially if you don’t know the technical specifications of your item. So Proper planning is a must and you cannot ignore that. Moreover this will help you to sell the product faster.

Google up on famous reviews or pricing websites to find your products. For example, most electronics can be studied on CNET, and on the website of the manufacturer. Both guides will give you the technical features and specifications. You can then use that information to provide potential buyers with the necessary details.

Make a comparison with other products mentioned on Ebay and craigslist, what you already have. You’ll want to price on the two most popular online marketplaces in the range of your fellow vendors, or you won’t get a lot of offers.


You get a decent idea of a price range by browsing at other Craigslist vendors and eBay ads. Now, take a closer look at your item’s state. If it’s missing parts, doesn’t work perfectly well, or just sees better days, then you need to compromise on that range’s low side. On the other side, if it’s in perfect or like-new shape, then you can go up to the top of your list.


Take many pictures to get as much out of Craigslist’s photo allotment and share the best four. Staging your images will make them turn out to be better and more appealing, and doing a solid job at home is easy.

Attractive Headlines

Do your best to use object name, brand name and status. For example, if you’re offering an Apple iphone smartphone, the description might be,

Mint condition Apple Iphone 6 BEST OFFER

If you do not have the key phrases, people looking for items through Craigslist will not even get a chance to view your page.

Informative Description

Appealing offers in the descriptions will help to attract more customers. When meeting you, potential buyers should read your summary, so include all relevant information that you may care about. That way, you’ll cut back on the number of people calling or emailing you just to inquire about the piece. With a clear description, you’ll save money, and draw more buyers.

Enjoy the benefits of Craigslist’s encrypted email feature when you don’t want to make your personal email address public. They’re going to set up a random account that will forward to your private email so you can get messages the way you’re used to having them, without handing away your real email address to anyone.

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