Which operating system is good?

The operating system is the main system software, which acts as the interface between the user and the computer hardware and software programs of the device.

What is the input and output device?

What is computer hardware?

As the user directs, the task is to manage every software program or hardware on the computer.

This operating system is responsible for performing various tasks on your computers, such as running other software or applications, accessing storage media, playing games, listening to music, playing media players and all other functions.

This OS (operating system) manages the entire computer according to your instructions.

Therefore, it is not possible to run a computer, laptop or smartphone without an OS.

In other words, in the absence of the operating system, there will be no user interface to instruct your device.

While you can not instruct the computer, there is no question of managing any software program or hardware.

As a result, your computer becomes unusable for use.

I mean, you can’t use a computer or a smartphone.

So, you know what the “operating system” is?

OS is software that allows us to control or control a computer as our own.

So, when you buy a new computer, first install “Windows OS” there.

Because without the OS you can not start and use the computer in any way.

Not just Windows, any computer device has different OS to operate, use, manage and control.

Microsoft Windows: This OS is very popular and more than 5% of computer and laptop users are using an OS version of Microsoft Windows.

Google Android OS: If you have an android smartphone, you are using this android OS on your mobile. This Android OS is the most popular and most widely used smartphone OS.

Linux operating system: Like Windows, Mac OS and iOS, “Linux” is an operating system that you can use on your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet. Moreover, Linux OS is an open-source operating system that anyone can use for free.

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