Top 10 best free courses sites

top 10 best free courses sites
Top 10 best free courses sites

Best FREE Courses Sites List

Currently, there are a number of I.T. related jobs that are in demand. You can enroll yourself in one of these best free courses sites to land one of those jobs even if you do not have a traditional computer degree. Getting yourself educated does not have to be expensive; there are several free courses available online that can help you a lot.

Whether you are a self-motivated learner, or you are changing directions in your career, or you are trying to build some strength to your resume by staying on top of the trends, these free online tech courses will help you brush up your computer skills. All you have to do is get your laptop ready and make sure that your internet connection is stable.

There are several websites that provide courses related to technology online; However, we have done the research and identified a few of the best sites that offer courses and programs without breaking the bank.

If you have a passion for I.T. and do not have enough money to enroll in expensive universities, then do not worry because these websites with free tech-related courses will help you get on top of the latest tech skills while making sure that your resume stands out. Continue reading to find our top picks:


Codeacademy is free for all education provider that offers free coding classes in programming languages such as, Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, React.js, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, and Sass. You will get hands-on experience on how to write codes, and you can also enjoy real-time feedback so that you know what’s your progress.

Google, IBM, and Facebook have employed many learners from codeacademy. Most of the basic courses are free, and they take less than 11 hours to complete them.

If you go for codeacademy, you will learn the basics of programming languages, and the courses are taught in such a basic manner with the step-by-step process so that a beginner does not get lost on the way. Codeacademy is extremely basic; it will show you how to write codes but will not teach you to think like a programmer. If you are a beginner, then you might get a little frustrated with the knowledge you will get. However, if you are an experienced coder who just wants to know the syntax of a new programming language, then this website is best for you.


Coursera is, without a doubt, one of the most popular online educators that offer a diverse selection of courses. It provides online classes from over 147 different universities and colleges in 29 different countries. Stanford University and venture capitalists back the website.

You can find a whole section that is devoted to computer and data sciences. So, you will have no trouble in finding the right tech course for you. A lot of the courses available on this site are for free. However, some of them require a small fee. These courses are a combined effort by various universities to provide education online.

Note that these courses have a start and end dates, so you may only be allowed to pick a course once it is available. Although these courses have strict start and end dates, you will find that the courses are generally self-paced, which is a good thing.


EdX has a growing community of over 5 million learners and is one of the first choices of the students who wish to learn tech courses online. EdX offers courses that are provided by the top science and technology universities in the world that includes Harvard, MIT, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and many more.

Since this website is developed by a non-profit organization, many of the programs and courses offered on this website are completely free of charge. However, you will have to pay a small fee in order to receive a certificate or a degree. Some courses are also counted as university or college credits, depending on the school.

The courses are full of interactive learning materials, course e-books, and videos. Apart from this, you will also find a forum for students to talk to each other and ask questions regarding the classes. We highly recommend this website.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT University is without a question one of the top-ranked technology university in the world. In 2001, they launched MIT OpenCourseWare, where they uploaded all of their undergraduate and graduate program materials for free.

They were the first ones to make their courses available for the public for free. More than 250 colleges and universities duplicated this practice. They continued to add value to the website by including video lectures that the students can stream online.

Their materials include over 2,260 classes, and about 175 million people have viewed the website. The most popular course from this website is the Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. The program is designed with keeping the beginners in mind, who have no prior programming experience. The course teaches students to write short programs using Python. It is a great website, and you should definitely check it out if you wish to learn new skills without breaking your bank.


Udemy is a unique online education marketplace where you can get enroll and even sell an online course online. The website allows the skilled individual to share their knowledge with others who have come here to learn something.

You can find a lot of programming courses on this website. From Python to ethical hacking, you can find everything here. You can also find niche courses such as web and game development.

Udemy is basically targeted to adults who want to fit education into their hectic work schedules. The courses feature slide presentations, videos, quizzes, and assignments. You will also get no deadlines so that you can enjoy learning at your own pace once you are done with the course you will be awarded by a certificate.

Depending on the course and the instructor, some courses are completely free, while some are available at a small cost. However, even the paid content won’t hit hard on your budget, so you can enjoy great learning without breaking your bank. You can also find regular sales and promotions where some courses are available at lower rates. So, make sure that you regularly check this website out.

Khan Academy

There is a very high possibility that at some point in your student life, you have visited Khan Academy to seek assistance in understanding some concepts that your teacher failed to put through during your class. Whether it was calculus or biology, I am sure you have always been satisfied with the way the instructors in Khan Academy teaches. It won’t be wrong if one says that this website is the internet’s greatest treasure.

Khan Academy was launched in 2006 as a non-profit organization to offer online education to students for free. They would teach lessons via videos and exercises with solutions. These videos can be accessed via mobile phones as well, and most of them were also available in different languages. Learning this way may not be formal education, but the videos and the courses surely developed some skills in the learners.

Khan Academy has started offering computer programming and computer science course recently, and they are still catching up on that. However, beginners still have a lot to learn from algorithms to JavaScript; they have it all.

Harvard Online courses

Just like MIT University, Harvard also launched its online courses where a variety of courses are available online for the convenience of the learners. Some of the courses are free, while many of them are offered at a fee. Generally, those courses that could be counted as a credit have a tuition fee. Now you can educate yourself from Harvard without having to pay hefty fees.

The best thing about this is that you can select the level of interactivity you want, and once you are done with the course, you will get a certificate as well. These online courses by Harvard also provide the relevant course materials and lectures for free. The goal of this initiative is to create avenues for people who desire to have a Harvard education.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Another excellent option for free online education in the field of I.T. is to take courses that come directly from the vendors.

Microsoft Virtual Academy offers an extensive portfolio of free courses that are targeted for web and game developers, network and cloud engineers, database developers, and young inexperienced students who wish to have a career in technology.

Dash General Assembly

Although most of the courses on the Dash General Assembly have a tuition fee; however, you can still find many courses that are available for free that promises to teach the learners about the basics of web development ad programming.

The programs on this website will teach you how to use programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The program is completely online, which means that you will be able to learn at your own pace. The courses feature tutorials and projects and other assignments that will help you in your journey.


Last but not least, Alison is another great online educator. Unlike many websites that offer courses from universities and colleges, Alison provides courses that are entirely designed by textbook publishers. The content on this website is available for free and for a fee as well.

Alison also offers a variety of diplomas; however, you should keep this in mind that the diplomas are not backed by an accredited university.

For instance, the Diploma in Information Technology has around 10 hours of duration with 14 different modules that the students must complete with a score of  80 percent or higher. Currently, there are a little above 34,000 students enrolled in this class, with a rating of four stars.


This was our list of best free tech course sites. We hope that this might have helped you in your search regarding which website to go for.

Before you leave, keep in mind that the quality of these courses may vary, and you are advised to investigate the qualifications of your instructors on your own and make sure that the course you are about to get enrolled in has a high rating. Also, consider whether you will receive a certification or not.

Now you are good to go on your learning adventure.

If you enjoyed reading this article, then make sure to share your valuable opinions with us.

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