Tech News UK: Autonomous Advent in the UK

Driver less cars may be in full use on UK roads by 2021. This was announced recently by the UK government.

The latest technology trend is a step closer to actuality after UK ministers green lit plans to move forward on more complex trials for fully automated cars. A statement issued by the Department for Transport (DfT) claimed that the United Kingdom is currently “on track to meet its commitment to have fully self-driving vehicles on UK roads by 2021.”

There are 5 levels of automation in cars

Level 0 – No Automation

This is essentially your everyday car. And industry standard cruise would be the only considered assistance. Cruise control is simply there to mitigate long distance driving fatigue and minimize risks of speeding.   

Level 1 – Driver Assistance

Adaptive cruise control and lane assist help with driving fatigue. Adaptive cruise control keeps a safe distance between you and a car ahead of you by using LIDAR technology to automatically slow down when traffic slows, and ramp up speed when traffic clears. These systems will assist drivers but still require the driver to be in control.

Level 2 – Partial Automation

This level can assist in controlling speed and steering. And it will help with stop-and-go traffic by maintaining the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, while also providing steering assist by centering the car within the lane independently.

Level 3 – Conditional Automation

Level 3 autonomous vehicles will drive themselves, but only under ideal conditions and settings. Such as, limited-access and divided highways with a hard speed limit.

Level 4 – High Automation

Level 4 autonomous vehicles will drive themselves without human interactions apart from the input of destinations.

Level 5 – Full Automation

These vehicles are able to monitor and man oeuvre through all road conditions and require no human input whatsoever which eliminates the need for a steering wheel and pedals.

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