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Best Tech News Sites

Tech news today is wholly dependent on misdirecting headlines. Articles do not in fact display any virtues of journalistic norms. By the very nature of technology news in today’s world. Whatever so happens to be the new/ next digital trends has already permeated the average internet user. And they are already looking for the next new thing. But there are many places where one can stay up-to-date on daily developments of the tech world. Reddit, theverge, digitaltrends and are all great places to stay informed on the latest tech news. Reddit will be harder to access depending on which part of the world you read this article from. Nothing a simple VPN add-on/ extension cannot fix.


Often called ‘the front page of the internet’. It will give you hyper-specific news about all the things you are interested in. Granted you create an account and subscribe to the right sub-reddits.


is a science based news portal with a specific leaning on industrial and space grade technological advancements. So this is the place to go to if your tech interests go deeper than consumer electronics.

Digitaltrends and  Engadget

are consumer electronics and technology oriented news sites. They are geared specifically for those who wish to know, compare and contrast all the latest tech available on the market today.

So the best way to accurately judging what makes a good tech blog is to find the places that are least bloated with pay-walls and pop-up subscription ads. And our portal will be bringing you the news that directly affects you in your day-to-day and net consumption habits. Things that are singularly based around things that you can get up to right now on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

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