Modern Technology Fights Back Coronavirus

You might be browsing the internet constantly to know the coronavirus update. Tekno will cover all the trending tech news about coronavirus.

With the covid-19 death toll increased to 10000, we can say that this is so far the most dangerous thing the world saw in the last decade.

While coronavirus rapidly spreads across the globe, the governments and tech companies are working hand to hand to combat this pandemic. This is the reason why today we will be talking about the trending tech news that is related to coronavirus, to give us an insight on what’s going around in the tech industry.

Summit, a supercomputer, is working on to fight the coronavirus.

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Fighting Coronavirus With Latech Tech

Technology in the form of airplanes played a key role in the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe.

However, the technology itself will be used to combat this pandemic. The most powerful supercomputer in the world, Summit has come to the rescue. Summit has recently started working on developing a vaccine for this infection. Countless simulations have been performed by the researchers through this supercomputer to identify the drug components that could be used in the coronavirus vaccine.


The Tech industry and U.S. government are planning to use smartphone location to fight coronavirus.

The U.S. government is currently talking to tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and other big tech companies about the ways they can use the data from smartphone location to fight coronavirus. This also includes tracking whether Americans are keeping themselves at safe distances to stop this spread.

The data will be provided to private sector companies so that they can give data meaning by compiling the data in aggregated form so that it can be used to map the overall spread of this virus.


Bing by Microsoft launches a coronavirus tracker for mobile and desktop.

You can find a great deal of coronavirus tracking applications online. However, Microsoft has introduced the latest tool with additional features to keep its users updated with the newest information on COVID-19.

This desktop dashboard application that is also very mobile friendly gets its data from credible sources such as European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

When you click on a country or a province, you can see the total number of confirmed cases along with the number of casualties and recoveries.


YouTube’s homepage will be showcasing credible coronavirus videos.

Just like any other tech company, YouTube has also volunteered to play its part in combatting this epidemic. YouTube has announced that it will be playing verified and credible on its homepage, which will keep its users updated from the ongoing COVID-19 news.

Their plan is to list down all the relevant videos uploaded by reliable local news channels and health authorities on their YouTube channels. Apart from this, YouTube will also make sure that the video is relevant to its user according to their regions and time zones.

Elon Musk announces that Tesla and SpaceX will be making ventilators as there is a shortage caused by COVID-19.

Tesla boss and the founder of Space X, Elon Musk, has announced that his companies will be making ventilators if the hospitals start facing shortages due to the outbreak caused by COVID-19.

Musk also mentioned the fact that Tesla cars are made using sophisticated HVAC systems, and Space X’s spacecraft are made using life support systems. That is why making ventilators will not be a challenge
for him; however, the process will take some time.


These were some of the latest and trending tech news that concerns coronavirus. We will be regularly posting to keep you updated. Till then, stay home, take necessary precautions, and stay safe.

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