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Lets have a look at the latest tech news which are making the headlines of newspapers even until now. Mostly related to coronavirus.

Latest tech news worldwide

With the increased chaos caused by Coronavirus, the tech industry has to play a key role in helping the world fight this pandemic. That is why we will be discussing some latest and trending tech news of this week, which will give us an insight into what’s going on around the world. Also in this article we have discussed how you can help a researcher to fight coronavirus.

Your spare graphics card can fight Coronavirus.

latest tech news coronavirus
Latest tech news (Coronavirus in china)

Another most trending tech news is that if you have a spare GPU, you can put it to work; by molecular dynamics simulation you can contribute in helping the researchers to find the cure of COVID-19.

[email protected] is one of the fastest computing systems, and for around 20 years, it has been assisting the researchers in disease research by combining the idle GPU horsepower of individual personal computers. Today, they are doing the same in finding the cure to the Coronavirus. 

Google is working on a COVID-19 screening website. 

The tech industry giant, Google, has announced that it is working on a screening website along with the US government to fight COVID-19. Considering the importance of this project, we believe that this is a top google trending tech news so far and deserves to be on the number one spot.

This website is at its early stages, and once developed, it will act as a pre-testing triage, which means that it will determine the priority of the coronavirus patients’ treatment, which will help the government in decision making during such difficult time. 

Apple has announced to reopen all of its stores in China.

This tech trending news is from China. While the world is still struggling with this pandemic, China has somehow managed to control COVID-19. The latest figures for the Coronavirus case have dropped to single digits. That is apple has decided to reopen its 42 china stores in response to their improving situation.

These were few of the many trending tech news this week. We will be posting regularly in order to keep you updated. Stay tuned to read more on top trending tech news.

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