How to delete internet history and cache in firefox?

Most of the people who use the internet in their daily life face issues with either deleting internet history or cache. On the internet, daily people are browsing billions of websites through firefox and some of these websites can bring trouble for us such as adult websites. So many people prefer to delete their histories on firefox after browsing those websites and some security experts recommend people to do it more often.

What is internet history?

Humans browse the internet every day for work, social media or entertainment. An average internet user visits almost 120 websites per day and that is the number of unique websites visited. So when we visit these websites browsers like firefox keeps a record of it which can be viewed by going to firefox’s history page.

What is the cache?

The cache is a component used in software to store data so that future requests can be served faster. Certain parts of the website such as HTML, CSS, and JS get stored in the cache.

Steps to delete internet history and cache in firefox

  1. Open firefox in your laptop or desktop
  2. Browse any website
  3. Press “CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE” all together in windows
  4. Press “COMMAND + SHIFT + DELETE” all together in macOS

After that, a window should pop up where it will ask you to delete your internet history and cache

How to delete internet history and cache in firefox? 1
Delete internet history and cache in firefox

Now you can see that under “History” few options are being shown and all of them have a tick mark on it and then on top, you will notice a dropdown menu saying “Last Hour”, Just press that and choose the time range.

After we are done with the above steps just press “Clear now” and the browser will clear everything for you.

Now you might wonder why should I also delete caches? Because sometimes when you are visiting websites firefox browser might store the whole page so when the website updates something on their pages you fail to view it. For example, if you visit Tekno now and after 2 seconds we update something in our HTML you will not be able to see it because of your cache.

Sometimes the caching happens inside the router itself then it gets tough to get rid of it. Because then even if you remove cache from your browser it will still exist. In that case, you can reset the router to fix the caching issue.

How caching can be a problem?

Caching can be a big problem for people who rely on live updates. There are a lot of systems that are dedicated to providing live content. For example, people who do trading they completely rely on and if they face such problems with the cache they can even lose billions.

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