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The diagram is showing how VPN works and provides security

Free VPNs

Lets talk about the Free VPNs that we have which are really easy to use. I have never seen such Easy VPNs before by easy i mean user friendly. Targeted ads on the internet have become something of a meme when it comes to the world of digital tech news. The internet is full of references and in-jokes about how you will have a dream about Mcdonald’s only to be bombarded with ads for Big Macs the next time you are going online. Digital trends are not created, digital trends are observed. All of technology news will tell you that massive corporations like Amazon and Apple are not in fact listening in on your day-to-day conversations. And those claims are technically correct due to a lie of omission. The listening algorithms are coded in such a way so they respond only to copyrighted words, name brands and sounds.

There is only one way to minimize the targeting nature of conglomerate tech companies. And that is to avail yourself to one of the many VPN services you can find online. They come namely in 3 forms; browser extensions/ add-ons, URL re-directors and the oft maligned paid subscriptions. If this were a youtube channel, this would be the ad segment.

Instead have these 3 tips : Input your desired URL and browse with your IP hidden, so no downloads, no installs, no sign-ups required.

Zenmate: Search Zenmate on your respective browsers add –on site. Sign-up (No spam at all, promise) and you can have all your VPN needs at the click of a button.

Opera: The latest version of this browser comes with a VPN built-in and provides the fastest most convenient access to blocked websites.

Data and security breaches of massive tech companies have become the norm in today’s world. So no company or government entity is safe from the legions of anonymous black hats that trawl the internet looking for fallacies in others’ firewalls. Facebook had a massive data breach and for which Zuckerberg was sub-poenaed to testify in front of the U.S. Senate to explain the extent of data breach and the interference and influence by foreign actors over the American cyberspace leading up to the 2016 election. Digital trends dictate that this is something that will repeat itself. VPNs protect your location and IP which are tantamount to your privacy and safety.

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