E-cigarettes are bad for health

San Francisco is the first city in the United States to ban e-cigarettes due to health concerns.

However, the UK Department of Public Health is advising smokers that e-cigarettes may help people to quit smoking. But how safe is an e-cigarette?

Smoking e-cigarette
Smoking e-cigarette

How does e-cigarette work?

These cigarettes contain nicotine, polypropylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and aromatic blends.

But nicotine does relatively less harm than many toxic chemicals (such as tar and carbon monoxide) contained within tobacco.

Nicotine does not cause cancer, but ordinary cigarette tobacco can cause cancer – causing thousands of deaths each year.

That’s why the UK’s National Health Department has been advising for years to change the means of nicotine intake to stop smoking. These include gum, skin patches or spray on face.

Thousands of people are successfully quitting smoking every year using e-cigarettes.

There is a report that says it is not yet known what effects e-cigarette can have on health in the long run. But e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Because it does not contain carbon monoxide.

Is there a risk?

Physicians, healthcare professionals, cancer charities or the UK government all agree that e-cigarettes carry little risk compared to ordinary cigarettes in the current data available.

According to one study, smoking this way can cause up to 5 percent less harm than cigarettes or smoking.

But that does not mean that they are completely risk free.

The fluids and fumes inside e-cigarettes can sometimes carry harmful chemicals, which are also contained in ordinary cigarettes. However, its levels are much lower.

Scientists in the UK have already seen in a small number of experiments, whether such smoke or vaping can alter the immune system’s lung function.

Experts agree that e-cigarette risk is much lower than conventional cigarettes.

Is e-cigarette risky for others?

There is no evidence that such smoke can cause harm to others.

Compared to the prevailing cigarette smoke, the loss of e-cigarettes does not count as much.

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