Amazing AI can detect false news

So what is false news exactly? Lets get to the definition of it to understand better

False news definition

When a false information becomes viral and eventually turns into a news that is called false news

Nowadays spreading false news for some people is more like a job. Because they get paid for such huge amount of traffic that comes from over curious people. These publisher of false news know what will attract you to read their news, For example: Now the hot topic is corona virus and they will publish a article related to corona virus saying that by drinking water you can cure corona virus. Imagine if you see that in your timeline or anywhere obviously you will click on it because this is something that will drive people to that site. Sometimes people without realizing they share these with their families which are even worse.

False news do not have any specific category they can be about anything. Lets say a false publisher wants to publish something related to trending tech news and then they spread their news by either going with those topics or completely against it.

So People all around the world was having this issue with news but now AI is here to detect it for you. The AIs that humans have been building from it’s start made the AIs understand a lot about our universe. And now is the right time to utilize them.


Study shows that college educated people have big holes in their understanding and basics which leads them to this . One way to make this more easier is by letting people detect pseudoscience online.

Americans believes more in superstition and paranormal things. A survey done by Chapman University finds that more than half believes all the stories. More than a third of them thinks aliens have visited us and still visiting to this day. More than 75% suffers from these paranormal beliefs. The survey now shows the increment of these incidents in recent years.

From the graph we can easily understand how prone Americans are towards these.

AI Detecting False News

So to tackle this issue scientists are now bringing in the latest AI which can detect false news. The success of ML and AI in detecting false news is actually amazing. Neural network technology is the reason behind the success. Neural networks are basically a simulation of human brain but it happens in digital level. They are interconnected with many parts. Neural networks now transcend daily life, especially in machine learning networks such as Alexa from Amazon and Google’s ability to translate languages. We have educated neural networks at the University of Arizona on hand-picked common papers on global change and bio evolution, and 90 per cent of the neural networks are effective in separating wheat from chaff. Our neural net can say, with a quick check of something like a site, if its information is scientific or climate-denial garbage.

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