Delete Firefox History

How to delete firefox history? Is it that hard to do? Follow the steps for mobiles and desktops. So lets learn how to delete firefox browser history.

Delete Firefox History

Firefox was first found in 2002 and since then it is leading the market of browsers. It has advanced technologies to process it’s tasks, To generate pages, Firefox utilizes the Gecko format engine, which follows existing and expected design standards.

Throughout 2017, Firefox started to introduce modern technologies to facilitate computation and a more accessible user experience under the code name Quantum. Firefox has been licensed officially for Windows 7 or older, macOS and Linux.

What includes in my firefox history?

Firefox helpfully retains plenty of details about you when you search the internet–pages you’ve viewed, files you’ve saved and much more. All the stuff is called history of yours. If you use a shared PC with someone else, though, you don’t want anyone to see all these sorts of things.

Browsing & Update History: Internet history seems to be the list of the places you accessed that appear in the History tab, the History list of the Library window and the auto fill list of address bars. Download history is the collection of recent files which are seen in the Downloads tab.

Type & Query History: Type history contains the things that you have entered in Fields which has Autocomplete web page forms. User history contains objects that you have inserted in the New Tab page search area, or in the Search function of Firefox.

Cookies: Cookies contain data about the pages you access, such as settings for the page or the status of the username. It contains web settings and metadata saved by the Adobe Flash plugin. Third parties also can use cookies to follow you through pages.

Cache: The cache holds duplicate files, like web sites and other internet media, which Firefox downloaded from the Web to accelerate the processing of sites and sites you’ve already accessed.

Active Logins: Once you have signed into a webpage that includes HTTP encryption before the new Firefox launch, this website is deemed “functional.” Clearing the records kicks you out from those websites.

Offline Access: Once you have authorized it, a website may store data on your machine to allow you to keep using it if you are not connected to wifi.

Steps to delete firefox history in desktop

  • Press the button of Library
library firefox button
  • Now click on “History
  • Now click on “Clear Recent History…
  • Now choose which history you want to delete.
delete firefox history
Delete firefox history

Steps to delete firefox history in iphone/ipad

Step 1: After opening Firefox browser, click three lines (Options) in the up right corner of the page.

Step 2: Click Settings icon to open it

Step 3: Press Clear Private Data which is under Privacy section

Step 4: Select the history which you want to remove from the list, and press Clear Private Data button.

Step 5: Press OK to clear all.


In conclusion, it is recommended for everyone to clear their history once in a while. These histories can be useful but quite dangerous at the same time. If you don’t delete your firefox history there is a high chance if someday you loose your device or machine and someone else gets it they can easily access all the websites which you visited.

Also this is not just the only reason for someone to delete their firefox history there are several other reasons and most of them are related to thefts and cyber crimes. So to keep yourself safe and protected it is always recommended to delete firefox history. I hope the article will help you to remove all your firefox history.

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