Buying dark web mystery box? What can you expect!

buying dark web mystery box
Dark Web

How to buy dark web mystery box?

There are so many articles on buying dark web mystery box online also article related to dark web mystery box for sale can be found throughout the web. But so far we managed to pull out a very detailed article related to all these queries. You can go through the whole article to understand the risks of purchasing in dark web also some reviews for mystery boxes and how you can buy these mystery boxes.

While this deep and comparatively difficult to access part of the internet is mostly used for unethical activities like selling stolen goods and drugs, the sellers in this part of the web are looking to expand their services. These dark web sellers are now creating “mystery boxes” that hold random and terrifying items. In the name of the trend, many YouTubers are purchasing these mystery boxes off the dark web through Bitcoins and make their unboxing videos and post them on their YouTube channels. The reason why these videos are so creepy and terrifying is how scary and weird some of the objects in these boxes can be.

eBay sells mystery boxes too, which contained harmless random objects like tech gear, toys, makeup, clothing. However, these dark web mystery boxes are unbelievably different. The packages sometimes include objects with blood or satanic imagery on them, children’s clothes, and other weird items.

Dark web mystery box unboxing.

One of the first videos about this mystery box was uploaded by a YouTuber who bought the box for $10,000 in Bitcoin. He says he had to pick the package from an abandoned airport. The box contained several empty iPhone boxes containing a small plastic pack carrying a strange substance.

In another video, a YouTuber opens his £250 box to find some creepy stuff. There were some antibacterial wipes that came with the package with a note attached to it that said: “You might need these.” The YouTuber also tells his viewers that when he first opened the box, he was hit by a weird odor. He found some boxing gloves, a strange liquid in a bottle, a Motorola phone, a teddy bear, a bottle of cologne, a pill, an iPad, and a tiny screwdriver covered in blood.

Another YouTuber unboxed a series of packages that he received from the Dark Web. What he received was, according to him the terrifying experience of his life. The box contained a teddy bear stuffed with drugs, a voodoo doll, a Satanic children’s book, Swastika-emblazoned doll parts, murder weapons, and the victim’s clothes.

Another shocking dark web mystery box unboxing happened where the YouTuber received animal remains, Dybbuk boxes (these boxes allegedly contain malicious spirits), and disturbing photographs clicked from outside of his window.

These were some of the objects that you can expect to receive in the mystery boxes if you bought it off the dark web. Although this sounds a little alarming, there is a possibility that some of these unboxing videos are fake so that the YouTubers can enjoy more views and obviously more ad revenue. However, one tech expert claims that he saw similar things around the dark web, and he believes that the whole trend could be surprisingly real and incredibly dangerous.

The fact that the “Deep Web Challenge” is gaining a lot of attention among the YouTube community shows that people are willing to do anything as far as they are getting views, even if what they are about to do is going to disturb or harm them.

What and where exactly is the Dark Web?

The dark web is basically a group of sites that run on darknets, or on networks designed to anonymize and encrypt data. Metaphorically speaking, if the physical internet cables that transmit information are the highway lanes, then the darknets are kind of service roads that goes parallel to the main road but can only be accessed if you have a specific type of vehicle.

The dark web is the hidden part of the internet that is free for all. However, it can only be accessed via an anonymized browser like Tor or 12P. Once you are on the dark web, you can buy and sell all types of illegal and smuggled goods that include drugs, weapons, and even stolen identities. It is the same place where WikiLeaks took place and is also used to transmit and obtain secure information.

What’s the difference between deep web and dark web?

The terms “dark web” and “deep web” are sometimes used synonymously; however, they are a lot different. The deep web is anything on the internet that a search engine like google cannot access. It includes contents that are blocked by their owners to save them from web crawlers from indexing. Here you can find medical records, scientific reports, legal documents, fee-based contents, and corporate web pages that are confidential. Experts say that deep web is around 96-99% of the internet, the rest goes to the “clear web” that can be accessed through a standard web browser.

The dark web is a part of the deep web that is hidden intentionally. It requires special browsers such as Tor to access this part of the internet.


What type of commerce goes on the dark web?

Thanks to crypto-currency and especially bitcoin, the dark web has flourished, since two parties can conduct a transaction without knowing the identity of each other. Bitcoin has played an essential part in the growth of the dark web. Similarly, the dark web has played a crucial role in the growth of bitcoin.

Nearly all dark websites conduct transactions via bitcoin. However, this does not mean that it’s completely safe to do business there. The integral part of the anonymity of the place plays an important role in attracting scammers and thieves.

These sites have all the features that a standard e-retail website has, such as shopping carts, product reviews, etc. However, the important difference is that it has no quality control. When both the seller and the buyer are anonymous, the rating system has a big question mark on its credibility. Ratings can easily be manipulated, and sellers with credible records have suddenly disappeared with their customers’ money.

Even if you managed to complete a transaction, there is no guarantee that your order will arrive. Since the item has to cross international borders, and the customs officers are very active in cracking down suspicious packages. There is a dark web news site called Deep.Dot.Web that shows stories of buyers who were arrested for attempted purchases.

Is it a problem that people are purchasing dark web mystery boxes?

Mystery boxes are a great example that the dark web is highly unregulated. It is next to impossible for law enforcement agencies to identify and track down the dark web users in order to bring down these dark web markets and to take down the online movement of contraband.

Dark web mystery boxes are a significant problem since the dark web is not regulated, and it is filled with issues such as human trafficking and child pornography and what not.

What items can you expect in these mystery boxes?


Considering how lawless the dark web is, it is highly likely that you receive the weirdest and the most terrifying items that you have ever seen in your entire life. The dark web is full of strange objects, you can get dangerous materials used to make bombs, or you can get harmless water bottles containing water from mountain streams. You can get drugs, fake ids, weapons quite easily because they are comparatively easy to ship.

How dangerous is it to buy a mystery box off the dark web?

You probably know how dangerous it is to access the Black market, and when you add digital anonymity into the equation, it gets a lot riskier.

Dark web mystery boxes could contain toxic drugs, low-grade weapons that are made very poorly, or stolen identification that is actually fake. You can get in a lot of trouble if you get hold of any of it.

How to access the dark web to order mystery boxes?

Dark web browser

After reading all of this, you must be thinking that accessing the dark web will be simple. It is not. The place is chaotic as it can get. Everyone is anonymous, and the majority of the public are there to scam others.

To access the dark web, you will need a special anonymizing browser like Tor. This browser will route your desired web page request via a number of proxy servers around the globe, so that your IP address becomes untraceable and unidentifiable.

Dark web sites

Dark web sites are a lot more similar to other standard websites. However, there are some essential differences. Firstly, the naming structure is different. Unlike the standard websites that end on “.com or .co,” the dark website end on “.onion”

To make the site impossible to remember, the dark web sites use scrambled naming structure to create their URLs. For example, a popular site titled “Dream Market” goes by the address of “eajwlvm3z2lcca76.onion.”

Numerous dark websites are set up to scam people. Even a site that existed for years can suddenly disappear if the owner decides to sell it and run with their customer’s money that they are holding.

Law enforcement officials are trying very hard and are actually getting better at finding the owners of such sites that sell unlawful goods and services. In 2017, a team of cybercops successfully tracked down and closed AlphaBay, which was the most significant source of contraband on the dark web.


We hope that after reading this article, you have all the possible knowledge about the dark webs and the mystery boxes available on this part of the web. You now also have an insight into what you can expect in one of these boxes if you are going to order it.

We do not recommend you getting involved in this part of the internet. Firstly, it is illegal, and you can get into a lot of trouble. Secondly, the experience can haunt you for the rest of your life. However, if you really wish to go on the dark web and order yourself a mystery box, then be extra cautious when dealing, try to stay on top of the scammers and hackers, and try not to reveal your identity at any cost. Stay safe.

Thank you for reading. If you liked what you read, then share what’s on your mind.

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