Dark Web Mystery Boxes

Dark web mystery box for sale can be seen in many places now, Ever wondered what are these? We explained in details about what can you expect from such “Dark web mystery boxes”.

Dark web mystery box

dark web mystery box for sale
Dark web mystery box

The dark web is famous for being the digital marketplace to purchase illegal things. There have also been a lot of reports regarding the availability of hitmen for hire on the dark and deep web. People might also g there to discuss dire illnesses, their strange habits and confess their secrets.

Today we’re going to present you with an objective look at buying mystery boxes from the dark web. Because in dark web we can just search “dark web mystery box for sale” and it should pop up a lot of results.

To begin with lets explain what “unboxing” is. Most of you might be familiar with the youtube / social media format of unpacking products and reacting to their find. These types of videos might turn out to be just people unboxing tech products and then maybe explaining how that product works. They would review it and play around with it. This started a trend of companies doing their own unboxing videos or sending their products to popular influencers/ youtube channels to have them be unboxed. This would then net their product with mind share and enhance their marketing.

One of the most lucrative unboxing channels is Ryan’s Toys, which was reported by Forbes to have made around 11 million dollars in 2017. Since 2018 there has been a new trend of youtubers ordering and unboxing products purchased on the dark web. Hundreds of youtubers have been doing this with millions tuning in to watch the video. The Australian media tells us that indeed people anonymously sell these boxes on the dark web. The price range from 100 USD to 1000 USD.

These boxes have included girl’s backpacks, bloodied screwdrivers and at times they have even been empty. Much to the dismay of the youtuber. Even a cursory glance through the dark web will present you with the opportunity to purchase a dark web mystery box. It is remarkable that this is possible in today’s world of mass surveillance, but most of these boxes cannot be traced back to the sender. It should however be mentioned that most of these dark web mystery box videos on youtube are probably faked by the youtubers to obtain views and generate ad revenue.

There is one disconcerting verified story about a dark web mystery box. The story originates from a Reddit thread. This person was essentially claiming that most of the dark web mystery unboxing videos were staged. So he went on to purchase one for himself. When he received the box he found a book filled with photos of the house he grew up in. The pages were numbered and on each page was polaroid photos of places, things, but one page contained a picture of a mask, a ball gag, handcuffs and a bottle of some sort of drug. He sees his own parents tied up and a photo of himself as a child. The Reddit user threw the book away, later on he noticed a hooded man spying on him through his window. The eventual police report that was filed concluded that him ordering the box was probably the reason his parents were murdered.

If this sounds too much like a horror story; feel free to google Eileen Ormsby. She has written 2 books about the dark web and spent years combing and researching it. She claims that a vast majority of the dark web mystery boxes are hoaxes. Popularized by the Youtube generation. Anything that approaches the thousand dollar mark should be treated with high caution and skepticism. A thousand dollars is a lot for anyone in today’s economy and what you receive, depends entirely on the type of person you had the money to.

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