5 Best Trending Tech News Of 2020

trending tech news
Unknown trending tech news of 2020

List Of 5 Trending Tech News

Trending tech news in 2020 can be about the 5G, Ai or related to cyber security. But you must have missed out a lot of stuffs and some hidden news. So today here we will be talking about all the tech news which you missed in 2020.

  1. 5G and health risk mystery
  2. Tesla and the cybertruck
  3. Tech companies fighting corona virus
  4. Skin detectors can be the future
  5. Increasing demand for self driving car

1. 5G and it’s health risk mystery

You might have heard a lot about the 5G and how it will change the whole tech industry. But you must have heard more about it’s health risks than it’s usefulness.

5g does come with a small percentage of health risk but that is tolerable. The (PHE)’s view is that even if the high radio frequency has some exposure level that level is considered low for any sort of health risks.

2. Tesla and the cybertruck

So after Elon mask released tesla’s cybertruck everyone seemed a bit confused about it. Everyone was confused with it’s success because of it’s weird looking design. Some thought this will be a lost project from elon mask. But the savage elon mask never backed down from any of his ideas and this cybertruck actually got a lot of preorder already.

According to our research more than 250,000 Cybertrucks were preordered in November 2019. So that is a success and now you know it.

3. Tech Companies Fighting Corona Virus

Corona virus can bring the world into an end if it spreads everywhere. After all the reports and similar cases found in other countries are ringing the bell to tech giant companies. Even though people are thinking that it is normal by showing no care towards it, big companies are actually taking a step and letting employees work from home.

4. Skin Detector

Trinamix has built a face recognition system that goes beyond Apple’s game. It can check your live skin and detect you which is amazing. It uses patented algorithms to process the reflections of backscatter which are unique even live vs dead skin. In a demo the company showed how it can detect a wood and plastic based on material.

PCs using identity-based verification on Microsoft’s Hello will also suit Trinamix tech. Yet content identification has implications beyond face recognition while there are realistic distance limits, as with standard face detection based on 3D depth scanning.

For instance, the organization outlines situations which could help grab-and-pack factory robotics better differentiate items in bins to less accurate positioning than is currently needed nowadays. Yet breaking into the huge mobile market is Trinamix’s best chance. Zombie hackers, imagine a change of career.

To the vast majority of Android users abstaining from Hollywood-worthy grisly hacking or illegal activity, spoofing facial recognition with masks or the deceased doesn’t seem like an ordinary security issue. However, when paired with a high-quality depth-sensor/infrared projections device such as the one used by Apple, it does offer an additional degree of assurance.

Knowing my computer knowing my living skin is an alarming idea, however as a protection and security option that might theoretically help my mobile tackle face recognition-based surveillance better, it makes sense. On how well a handset will work and how this will function with the specific apps of a supplier, it is difficult to tell yet.

5. Self Driving Cars

The number of self driving cars have increased a lot in past years but now new companies are joining the game. Most of the companies who are releasing self driving cars they completely rely on AI and so it looks like we are entering the industry where AI will rule. Tekno has a article on UK’s self driving cars where we talked about the emerging marketing of self driving cars in UK.

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