2 Amazing Facts About Dark Web

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Whats inside Dark web?

Contrary to what most digital technology news sites which are in surface web claim, not everyone using the dark web is doing something criminal.

This sect of the internet gets a bad name and research shows that many of the darkest things happening in the dark web are exaggerated. It is well known that many people, mainly the younger generation, go there to obtain illegal substances that they may have procured on the street. It is also well known that people with taboo inclinations visit this place to chat with others that share their dark fascinations.


Only ten percent of the internet is accessible by us. This is called the Surface Web [1]. And is covered by a multitude of digital tech sites. The rest of it is called the Deep Web. It is part of the world wide web that is not indexed by search engines such as Google. It is a common mistake to think that the dark web and the deep web are the same thing. The dark web is simply a part of the deep web.

This is where people go when they do not want to be found.


In the dark web you will find URLs that end with .onion. These websites are not accessible using your regular browser. These sites are constantly monitored by the authorities and cyber-security entities of the world.

One of the most popular ways of accessing those parts of the web is by using the Tor Browser. Tor can anonymize you completely.

Be forewarned that going into the dark web puts your mental well-being at a higher risk than your physical safety. You will most certainly see things on the dark web that will be nigh impossible to forget. If you do go there to sate your curiosity, just be careful what you search for. Many digital technology news sites claim that it is quite easy to click suspicious links and partake in criminal activity. Virtually implicating yourself is a very real possibility that will yield dire consequences in real life.

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